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Active Defense Kit


Nano-Silver And Mister For Immunity Health



SilverCeuticals’ Active Defense Nano-Silver immune liquid is a daily use product designed to support and strengthen your immune system. With the ongoing threat of seasonal illnesses and the constant exposure to different environments, our immune systems need all the help they can get. The 10ppm formula of Active Defense has been tested and found to be more effective than other colloidal silvers and hydrosols, even at higher ppm levels. The product is made with pure ingredients and the latest nano-silver technology, ensuring unmatched safety and efficacy.

– One 8oz bottle of Nano-Silver topical liquid (10ppm)
– One liquid misting applicator

Proprietary Nano Silver Solution (deionized water, silver)

– 25 ml capacity- Power Supply
– 3 AAA batteries (not included)
– Net weight – 56g
– Calming glow
– Illuminates when in use

Pour Nano-Silver liquid into the misting applicator. Then, to activate the mist, slide down the nozzle shield. Slide the shield back up to stop.

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