Stop Getting Sick With Our Active Defense Kit!

Active Defense Kit

Our Nano-Silver And Mister Helps Keep You And your Family From Getting Sick


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“I went from getting sick every other month, to not being sick for the last year using SilverCeuticals Active Defense Kit!”

SilverCeuticals’ Active Defense Nano-Silver immune liquid is a daily use product designed to support and strengthen your immune system. With the ongoing threat of seasonal illnesses and the constant exposure to different environments, our immune systems need all the help they can get. The 10ppm formula of Active Defense has been tested and found to be more effective than other colloidal silvers and hydrosols, even at higher ppm levels. The product is made with pure ingredients and the latest nano-silver technology, ensuring unmatched safety and efficacy.


– One 8oz bottle of Nano-Silver topical liquid (10ppm)
– One liquid misting applicator

Proprietary Nano Silver Solution (deionized water, silver)

– 25 ml capacity- Power Supply
– 3 AAA batteries (not included)
– Net weight – 56g
– Calming glow
– Illuminates when in use

Pour Nano-Silver liquid into the misting applicator. Then, to activate the mist, slide down the nozzle shield. Slide the shield back up to stop.

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Incredibly Clean Formulation

Powerful Ingredients

Experience natural healing and rejuvenation benefits of nano-silver.



Simply remove the silicone stopper at the top and pour in your desired amount of SilverCeuticals Triple Action Nano-Silver solution.


To activate the mister, simply slide down the activation switch to start the mist. Slide it back up when you are finished with the mister.


Upon completing the misting application, experience a refreshing feeling on your skin and sinuses.


Stay healthy on the go!

This handheld mister is lightweight and easy to carry. It is refillable, can be carried in a purse or pocket, and with a 25ml capacity it can be carried onto an airplane for use on the go!

Hydrate your skin gently

Give your face a soothing mist of hydration! This delicate sprayer gives off a soft ambient glow, while creating a soothing mist of Triple Action Nano-Silver™

Safe And Effective Immune Support

With unmatched safety, efficacy, and hundreds of public 3rd party studies and test series on this technology, you can rest assured you are getting nothing but the best support for your immune system.

Triple Action Nano-Technology

Experience the ultimate in silver technology with our unique formula. It outperforms other silvers by working in three different ways, even with significantly less silver. And it doesn’t stop there – it continues to work for as long as it’s inside your body.

You can rest assured that our technology is incredibly safe and will exit your body within 24 hours without harming your beneficial probiotics. Upgrade your routine with the ultimate in silver technology.

support your immune system

no matter what life throws at you!

Our safe and proven Nano-Silver works alongside your
bodies own immune system to help you stay healthy and strong for all that life throws at you!

Satisfaction Guaranteed

If you are not 100% satisfied with SilverCeuticals Active Defense Kit, we will give you your money back!*

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Due to the fact that they don’t build up in the body, and you don’t become resistant to them, they can be safely used daily or even several times a day without harming probiotics.

The answer is a definite no. Unlike other silvers, this special technology has been proven in professional third-party human ingestion studies to not build up in any system of the body. Don’t try that with ionic silver!

Why can some silvers build up in your body and some can’t… you ask? The metallic core inside our particles is the key to this mystery. Metallic silvers with a crystalline structure have never been shown to cause any build up in the body, in the history of the world. Other forms can, but typically even then it only will cause a problem if you abuse them. 

Either way… no build up here at SilverCeuticals!

Ionic Silver is more like a chemical form of silver, since there is no crystalline metallic structure to the particles. Ionic silver is made up of silver ions which are too small to be scientifically considered either colloidal silver or nano-silver, though many companies selling ionic silver use those terms fraudulently to make themselves look better than they are… a cheap, less effective, and less stable form of silver.

The particles inside SilverCeuticals Technology are different from most others in the market in multiple ways. First, they are actually nano-silver since they average 5 to 7 nanometers in size. (if the size is less than 1nm they would better be measured with another form of measurement… ie. you wouldn’t typically measure a golf ball in feet or meters, but rather centimeters or inches). Second, it is actually a colloid, and hence a colloidal silver by scientific definition. Lastly, and most importantly, our silver has a metallic core with a special coating of thousands of silver-oxide particles around the outside. This structure, and the frequency it emits, create a more safe, more stable, and far more effective form of silver than any other different silver technology on the market.

That depends on how you look at it. Our silver doesn’t directly alter your immune system. Instead, it works like the immune system’s backup and works alongside it. If your immune system isn’t struggling so much under its workload, your immune system could improve over all, and that has happened in some studies of this silver technology. 

Like all medical issues, it is best to discuss this with your healthcare professional. Though our research suggests that there is little to no risk in using both together. Our silver won’t counteract the immunosuppressant, since it doesn’t affect the immune system directly, but rather acts as backup. In some ways, it may be especially beneficial for people on immunosuppressants to take something that acts like a backup to the immune system since they tend to be in greater danger of falling ill.

When taken internally the research shows that it leaves the body within 24 hours with no build up. This means you can rest easy knowing it goes in, does its job, then departs.

There have been more than 400 major third-party scientific reports that have been published on the Technology inside SilverCeuticals. Those reports consist of thousands of individual tests, and test series. Many companies promote studies about silver that don’t apply to their particular type of silver (there are several types), but these studies are all done on this technology specifically, and it’s effectiveness and safety.


Great immunity support
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I work with students, and typically cannot make it through the winter without a chronic cough and numerous cold symptoms. Since using Nano-Silver, I have gotten rid of my chronic cough and have now gone over 2 months with no cold symptoms (which during winter is a first for me), thanks to my daily usage of Nano-Silver.
I love this.
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I use this for so many things. Rashes, wounds. I take it any time I am going to travel or be in a group of people and any time I think I’m coming down with something. I also use it to freshen up dairy products, wash vegetables or put in my pets water. The list goes on.The negative side of this product is running out of it, I hate that!
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Anyone who knows the science behind this and the effectiveness will not go another day without having it in their home and as part of their regimen. These products are a lifesaver.
Love it!!!
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From getting sick every other month to now... Its been a year with nothing! I never get sick anymore! Its crazy! This is my secret immunity weapon!!

At SilverCeuticals, our mission is to deliver high-quality, effective silver products while being a responsible and trustworthy partner to our customers.